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EDI Journal 1st Issue 2014

The tooth of the future is topic of the new issue of EDI Journal. When can we grow teeth to replace lost teeth? This is not the pie in the sky, but a technology within reach, says Professor Jürgen Hescheler from the Institute of Neurophysiology at the University of Cologne.

Hescheler, a stem-cell researcher, belongs to a team consisting of a hundred internationally recognized experts who regularly get together at the University of Bejing to discuss the viability of different types of stem cells. Besides this interview with Professor Hescheler, EDI Journal looks forward to the upcoming annual symposium of BDIZ EDI – it’s the 25th anniversary of BDIZ EDI (European Association of Dental Implantologists). This and some other interesting issues may be read in the new issue.

The complete issue 1/2014

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