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EDI Journal 4/2015

“Globalization does not stop for implantology”, BDIZ EDI President Christian Berger says in an interview with the Dental Tribune International that has been published in this EDI Journal. For a long time, many regulations have been developed in the EU and implemented by the member states. As a consequence, BDIZ EDI has geared towards Europe and has been involved in health policy discussion in Europe (see page 12). The article “Some more EU diseases”, starting at page 24, is focusing on the conflicts in Europe during 2015, the EU legal framework and efforts the European Commission is making to create more market forces in health care. Another important issue is the compliance and the Sunshine Act on pages 44 and 45. We also introduce a new computed-tomography method based on the scattering, rather than on the absorption, of X-rays. A team of scientists from Munich, Lund and Berlin has developed this innovative method (page 36/37).

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