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We want you!

The European Association of Dental Implantologists / Bundesverband der implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte in Europa (BDIZ EDI) has launched an information campaign under the title of „We want you!“ to let all dentists in Europe know about BDIZ EDI’s work – which is about so much more than „mereley“ training and education.

BDIZ EDI is a Europe-wide association that, starting in 2002, has transcended the German borders to forge collaborations, support partner associations and makes its voice heard in EU politics. And it certainly also does the same at the German federal level. BDIZ EDI is the only association that has presented its own draft for an anti-corruption law in healthcare. It offers high-quality continued professional development (CPD) courses addressing the needs of the practitioner.

Not all dentists are aware that BDIZ EDI scrutinizes the work of the European Commission, intervening whenever regulatory measures are contemplated (the Medical Devices Act, the Professional Qualifications Directive, to name just a few examples that impact dentists and their work, taking legal action where appropriate for the benefit of all dentists).

Against a backdrop of statutory challenges, regulatory requirements and the growing influence of European legislation, BDIZ EDI will continue to work hard to safeguard an organizational and economic framework to support not only the practice of oral implantology in the offices and clinics but also all dental offices.

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