Joint congress of the Dental Chambers of Croatia and Bavaria in collaboration with BDIZ EDI and ESCD

28 April 2017

The exchange of knowledge can transcend national borders. With their common congress, the Croatian Dental Chamber (CDC) and the Bavarian Dental Chamber (BLZK) intensify and promote an active exchange of dental knowledge at European level. On 19 and 20 May 2017, both organizations will cooperate with the European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI) and the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) for a two-day congress in Dubrovnik. Theme: Competitiveness in dental medicine - International congress of new procedures in the oral rehabilitation of patients – BLZK, BDIZ EDI, ESCD, CDC”.

The partners offer a two-day event focusing on new procedures in implant and prosthetic dentistry and aesthetic oral rehabilitation. The congress, organized by the Croatian Dental Chamber, features an attractive programme tailor-made for clinical practicability. Four hands-on workshops will be held that address various aspects of oral implantology.

The main implantological programme takes off with presentations on digital implantology, implant planning, short implants, 3D printing in implant prosthetics, the latest surgical concepts for implant placement in the atrophied jaw and for delayed and immediate loading considering the prosthetic outcome, as well as success criteria for implant therapy.

The second day is dedicated to aesthetic dentistry. Topics will include aesthetic solutions for carious and non-carious lesions using resin infiltration, the role of visual perception in harmonizing minimally and non-invasive indirect restorations as well as various treatment options using veneers.

Looking at the team of internationally renowned speakers from Germany, Croatia, France, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon and the U.S., the outstanding importance assigned to this cross-border cooperation in dentistry is obvious, and further underpinned by the fact that the presidents of both chambers, Dr Hrvoje Pezo (CDC) and Christian Berger (BLZK), will play an active role in the programme by giving lectures on implant issues.

This cooperation is based on the proven educational concept of BDIZ EDI to promote an active exchange of dental knowledge at European level. In their joint statement, Christian Berger and Dr. Hrvoje Pezo take position: “Small beginnings and opportunities have been consolidated into a comprehensive approach that allows communities of dentists to transcend national borders. With this joint congress, both our chambers, the Croatian Dental Chamber and the Bavarian Dental Chamber, want to send out a strong sign of solidarity and promotion of the European idea.”

More information will be available at or at > English. Congress language is English with simultaneous interpretation into the local language.

Contact: Anita Wuttke, Public Relations BDIZ EDI, Tel. +49-(0)89 - 720 69 888, email:

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