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BDIZ EDI was founded as BDIZ in 1989 to enforce the development of oral implantology for all dentists in Germany. It was only in 1982 when the disciple gained scientific recognition. In 2002 BDIZ agreed upon a new constitution and changed to a European association. BDIZ EDI was born: Bundesverband der implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte in Europa / European Association of Dental Implantologists.

BDIZ EDI is growing. Today the organisation counts more than 5.500 members in an increasing number of European countries.

The primary objectives are:

  • to preserve the free exercise of the dental profession in the best interest of both patients and professionals
  • to strive for continuing further development of the oral implantology and to support the dental practice with keeping oral implantology as a part of day-by-day dental treatment.

Based on specific continuing education every single dental practitioner should be able to and should have the opportunity to realize oral implant treatment in his practice.

BDIZ EDI has set the preliminary standards for a qualifying procedure of all implant systems and maintains a structured continuing education. Besides, the BDIZ EDI organizes highly recognized curricula and symposia on an international basis and provides top lecturers.

The primary tasks of BDIZ EDI are to providing members with support and advice and improving the quality of routine implantological treatment and implant materials. In cooperaton with recognized research institutes, explanted implants are thoroughly tested to establish the cause of damage to the implant or failure of the implant so that relevant advice can be given to both the user and manufacturer.

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