EDI Journal 1/2019

01.05.2019 | EDI Journal

In this issue, readers will find all the important information about the IDS. Where can we expect to see innovations? In which dental disiplines? We provide signposts and background information and hope that you will also pay the BDIZ EDI stand a visit. Here you will find a lot of information about oral implantology and legal advice.


Preventing, detecting and treating specific complications to optimize patient outcomes

12.04.2019 |

The 14th European Consensus Conference under the auspices of BDIZ EDI prepared a new consensus paper. The purpose of this guide is to provide recommendations for clinicians active in implant dentistry, enabling the prevention, early detection and treatment of complications in order to optimize the patient outcome.

This guideline can be obtained from the member‘s area. If you are member, please contact office-munich@bdizedi.org to get access. 


EDI Journal 4/2018

08.02.2019 | EDI Journal

EDI Journal is focusing on digital technology in implantology and implant prosthodontics. We also give answers to the question whether or not the digital workflow in dentistry is working out yet. In our format ”Pros and Cons” two experts raises the question of the interface problem. Don‘t miss to read the interviews.


EDI Journal 3/2018

10.12.2018 | EDI Journal

EDI Journal starts with a new format: Pros and Cons with two experts debating on a hot topic in implant dentistry. The premiere edition concentrates on ceramic implants,


EDI Journal 2/2018

03.09.2018 | EDI Journal

EDI Journal 2/2018 is now online for the public. In this issue BDIZ EDI proudly announces the start of its 20th Curriculum implantology that‘s already fully booked at the University of Cologne.


Introducing Dr Nathalie Khasin

04.08.2018 |

BDIZ EDI marks in the EDI Journal the start of a new series of reports: We want to introduce female European dentists who „stand their ground” as they balance their work, their family and their pro-bono activities. We start with introducing Dr Nathalie Khasin, Berlin.


What about the Netherlands?

19.07.2018 |

Europe‘s dentists are going livid about the plans of the Dutch Minister of health to let dental hygienists (DH) perform treatments restricted to dentists. The European dentists umbrella organization, the Council of European Dentists (CED), has sharply criticized the decision to upgrade DH.


EDI Journal 1/2018

05.06.2018 | EDI Journal

EDI Journal 1/2018 is now online for the public: The European Consensus Conference under the auspices of BDIZ EDI launched the new guideline on patient-oriented treatment concepts in oral implantology.


EDI Journal 4/2017

08.01.2018 | EDI Journal

The new EDI Journal 4/2017 recently being published with the following content: BDIZ EDI had its general meeting and the assembly in Munich confirmed board and programme until 2021.


Guidelines on digital workflow now available

29.12.2017 |

The 2017 consensus guidelines of the European Consensus Conference (EuCC) under the auspices of BDIZ EDI cover the various digital procedures for diagnosis, surgical preparation, digital implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitation 



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